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    Train for the Wings & Start Flying
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    Attain greater heights With Us!

Training for future Innovators & Leaders!

Explore your true potential with customized programs and creatively redesign your career and life!

About Aim For Wings

Training augments your performance and our training programs are designed

to explore and differentiate

what an individual ‘is’ doing to what they ‘can’ do and how ‘differently’ they could do it.

Why Choose Us?

Engaging Training

Our specialized trainings are designed to unravel your fullest potential and help you rediscover your strengths, work around trouble spots and evolve personality for career and personal growth.

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Unique Content

Our course content and training delivery are created with the purpose to focus on problem-solving, understand different perspectives, approaches to decision making and for overall personality development right from freshers to facilitators.

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Our Approach

Assess & Strategize > Develop & Design > Implement & Grow.

Aimforwings has a simple rule to strategically assess the course content based on need of the hour, Develop and design a workable training program and successfully implement it with the help of trainers and staff/teachers for better growth and value add with each of the training programs.

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Flexible Programs

Our training programs are designed to help you bringing the best out of your people force. We partner with you in selecting, defining and delivering a program to make a substantial and sustainable difference.

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Meet Our Founder

Person Name
Mala Chandrashekar Lead trainer and Mentor As the Founder and lead trainer for AimForWings, she derives her passion for training and coaching the young minds to develop strong confident leaders for tomorrow. With strong foundations as NLP practitioner and a Behavioral change specialist, she believes ‘A change starts with our thoughts and the transformation follows duly’. An avid traveler and writer – she brings a shift with her fun-learning activities amidst the training sessions.

Our Services

Corporate Training

As a part of the growing dynamics and industry needs, effective training programs supports the new-age requirements of organizations that can help the management demonstrate and facilitate better communication, leadership, positive behavioral change in a corporate setup ideal for all professionals, executives, team leaders and those in management positions

Training modules include –

- Behavioral Training

- Softskills Training

- Outdoor Team Programs

Institutional Training

Our training modules focus on how to make a student evolve from Campus-to-Job ready. As a major pathbreaker, we let students work on developing new interests and help realize their true passion. With specially designed programs that can help students build on a vision for a promising career –making them confident, articulate, professional and successful.

Training modules include –

- Softskills

- Behavioral Training

- Counselling and Coach

- CV upskilling

- Outbound Programs

Outbound Activity Training

Our everyday life holds a number of challenges. Exploring outdoors play a major role in helping us in new learnings and give us new ways to face challenges continually. As children and adults, we are so engrossed in our routines that we have a tendency to forget what we enjoy doing, a passion that ignites a spark in us and reflects on a futuristic passion.

Training modules include –

- Bird walks, Tree Walks

- Hobby Building

- Nature Camp

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Address Main Office : #1053, 7th Main, Vijayanagar, Bangalore
Phone Numbers Main Office : +91 9986343112
Email Address Customer support : mala.c@aimforwings.com Technical support : info@aimforwings.com

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